mardi 5 avril 2011

Sundoku 9*9


  • Règles classiques du sudoku,
  • Le soleil et ses rayons sont dessinés dans la grille. Les rayons perdent de l'intensité en s'éloignant du soleil, donc les chiffres sur chaque rayon sont strictement décroissants. La case centrale (soleil) ne fait partie d'aucun rayon.
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  • Classical rules of sudoku,
  • The sun and its rays are drawn in the grid. Rays lose intensity with distance from the sun, so numbers on each ray are strictly decreasing. The central cell (the sun) is not part of any ray.

Grille créée pour le tournoi LMI Spring Sudoku Test (26-27 mars 2011).

Voir la solution.

2 commentaires:

  1. This is a nice type, and it fitted the theme really well.
    Hope to see more of this type from you (and may be others). Not sure how difficult it is to create!

  2. It's definitely not more difficult to create than other types. The only thing is that there are not many parameters to change, so perhaps it will become boring after a few grids...