lundi 4 janvier 2016


The League of Extraordinary Ladies and Gentlemen - Sudoku N°40

Nouvelle année, nouveau thème !
Une nouvelle série de grilles vous attend sur le thème du cinéma. Pour ce premier opus, c'est le film "inception" de Christopher Nolan qui est à l'honneur. 3 niveaux de rêve sont représentés par 3 sudokus qui sont liés entre eux par des cases contenant un chiffre identique, comme si chaque niveau émergeait de la région centrale du niveau précédent. Dans les 3 niveaux de rêve, on retrouve les même personnages qui sont représentés ici par les chiffres donnés dans les régions du haut et du bas de chaque grille.

New Year, new theme !
A new series of sudokus is waiting for you on the topic of cinema. For this first opus, the movie "Inception" by Christopher Nolan is in the spotlight. 3 dream layers are represented by 3 sudokus which are interconnected by cells containing the same digit, as if each layer emerged from the central region of the previous layer. In the three dream layers, the same characters are represented here by the given digits in the top and bottom regions of each grid.


  • Chacune des trois grilles suit les règles classiques du sudoku,
  • Les cases contenant la même lettre doivent contenir des chiffres identiques (n.b. les grilles sont construites de telle façon que les cases de la région centrale de la grille "dream layer N" correspondent aux cases centrales de chaque région de la grille "dream layer N+1").
  • +++++++++++++++

  • Each of the three grids follows the classical rules of sudoku,
  • Cells containing the same letter must contain identical digits (n.b. it's constructed so that the cells in the central region of the grid "dream layer N" correspond to the central cells of each region of the grid "dream layer N+1").

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Si vous préférez imprimer chaque grille séparément, voici les 3 images:
If you prefer to print each grid separately, here are the 3 pictures:

3 commentaires:

  1. ...38:26...
    What an excellent construction!

    However,I am not happy with the way the rules are framed as it made me start erroneously.I think the rules should be left at the first statement itself i.e.,

    "Cells containing the same letter must contain identical digits".

    The additional statement "The cells in the central region of the grid "dream layer N" correspond to the CENTRAL cells of each region of the grid "dream layer N+1")" totally confused me particularly the capitalized word which made me initially think that the middle box is the same in all 3 grids....

    First 6 mins I spent solving the sudoku in the above wrong way.Then I had a look at the rules again to see that Central had a different meaning with respect to the N+1 grid.Apart from this blemish,I thoroughly enjoyed solving it.Thanks!

    1. Thanks ! I'm happy you enjoyed.
      I'm sorry that you've been confused by the rules. When came the time to draw the grids, I thought that the clearer way was to write letters in corresponding cells. But then the construction is not obvious and make you think that it could be painful to find the corresponding letters in the grids. That's why I added the additional statement in the rule. It's more a comment on how is constructed the puzzle (that I thought would be helpful for players because they'll not have to find the corresponding cells) than an additional statement.

    2. Génial, même si j'ai eu du mal au départ avec la règle.
      Merci Fred.