lundi 2 mai 2016

Arrow thermo-sudoku (6*6) N°5

The League of Extraordinary Ladies and Gentlemen - Sudoku N°57


  • Règles classiques du sudoku,
  • Des flèches et des thermomètres sont dessinés dans la grille. Au sein d'une flèche, le chiffre situé dans le rond est égal à la somme des chiffres situés sur le reste de la flèche. Les chiffres présents sur un thermomètre sont strictement croissants en partant du bulbe.
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  • Classical rules of sudoku,
  • Arrows and Thermometers are drawn in the grid. Within an arrow, the digit in the circled cell is equal to the sum of digits on the rest of the arrow. Digits on a thermometer are strictly increasing from the bulb.

3 commentaires:

  1. 15:09 solving it logically.Didn't find it that much fun .

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      you're right: the logic of this one is tricky. Testers told me last year that this one was not suitable for a competition, and I agreed. I hope some players will still have fun to play it in a relaxed way.

  2. The first impression i gave was wrong(me?).We can solve it better than 20 minuts.agree with anonymous.