samedi 20 août 2016

Big brother's revenge

Once upon a time, a puzzle was walking in the forest. He was squared, latin, and was carrying deficit yellow and green letters on his back. Suddenly he met other puzzles, sudoku, who were going to the WSC, the big World Sudoku party. All these puzzles were very proud and excited. The little Latin square wanted to join the party, and the other sudokus invited him warmly and even gave him a place in the final.
Once on site, the storm threatened. The worldwide solvers arrived and the party started. But the storm fell on the event, destroying everything in his path. When lightnings and thunders stopped, solvers were really angry. They accused the poor little Latin square, telling him a part of this disaster was his fault because he's not a sudoku, and they forbade him and his familly to come back to the big Sudoku party.

The little Latin square was very sad, and decided to visit his big brother. His brother was a 13-feet high latin square. His back was spotted with renban freckles. He was very robust, but seemed very peaceful. He comforted his little brother and told him he would help him to take his revenge. A few years later, he had an idea. He disguised himself with a suit on which were represented cards and went to the WSC. Only one solver recognized he was outcast little latin square's big brother. He told the other solvers, but they didn't want to believe him. Actually, everybody was so happy that they even told big latin square that all his family was warmly welcome to the future WSC.
Big brother's revenge was accomplished !


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